How to be efficient in an escape game? Team work, communication, and a tactical approach! Solving puzzles will require more than one head: think aloud and share your thoughts, you never know if you hit the nail on the head. You won’t be getting out of this on your own!

Take a hold of the story and strengthen your team work. You have 60 minutes – not a single more! – to come out victorious of the mayan curse, investigate enemy ships to find their treasure island, bring about the end of the dark wizard, or prove yourself to be stronger than the wilderness of the jungle! Any teammates’ idea may be a stepping stone to solve 3D puzzles, further observations and associations. Find the best way to work together leaning on one another’s strengths and compensate for weaknesses. Explore different logics, beat the high scores and place yourselves in the ranking top 5 teams!
Enigm’art also offers breakfast, appetizers, lunch, dinner or dishes from caterers to go with your experience and prolong your team building around something to eat and drink. For further details on the activities, content and menu, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Escape Games for your job interviews

As an Emerging business in full recruiting period, you might be interested in further stressing your potential future collaborators and lock them up in a room, testing their resilience, observation, open-mindedness, as well as their teamwork. See what skills they’ll bring forth, how they adapt to unknown situations, their sense of observation, how well they can work with others and help one another. An escape game is a fine way to lay out your interview and catch a glimpse of what your future collaborators are made of. Enigm’art Escape Game opens the doors to our universes for your recruiting sessions.

Our whole team is at your disposal should you wish to organise a team building or other professional events