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Univers la loi de la jungle
Don’t lose the path as you explore the jungle, and be careful of it’s rules if you wish to regain your freedom!Book it
univers la malédiction maya
Visit an old lost temple, and see if you’re capable of outwitting their ancient tests and traps.Book it
univers l'ame pirate
All aboard !!! Climb on One-Eyed Jack’s ship and search the place for a lead to his fabulous treasure.Book it
univers l'école des sorciers
Come weave your way out of the room with the right spells! Careful! Wicked things might be lurking around the bend!Book it
future salle de jeu Enigmart Escape Game
future salle de jeu Enigmart Escape Game


Enigme escape game enigmart
l'escape game c'est l’esprit d’équipe


Stay close and bounce off each other’s ideas. You’ll solve puzzles and enigmas faster if you work together before the time runs out!
esprit d’équipe Enigm'art


Stay close and bounce off each other’s ideas. You’ll solve puzzles and enigmas faster if you work together before the time runs out!

l'escape game c'est 1h top chrono


The door closes behind you, and the timer starts. You have 60 minutes to bring your mission to fruition!
1h de jeu escape game enigm'art


The door closes behind you, and the timer starts. You have 60 minutes to bring your mission to fruition!

l'escape game c'est des énigmes sophistiquées


Your observational and deduction skills will be put to the test in order to solve and find the clues along your path.
énigmes escape game Enigm'Art


Your observational and deduction skills will be put to the test in order to solve and find the clues along your path.


Enigme escape game enigm'art

For what kind of adventurers ?


Enigme escape game enigmart
aventurier famille

Families & Friends

Looking for an unusual activity? Would you like to put your mind to the test? Whether you do this with friends or family, from 8 years old, and all generations in the mix, our rooms await you! So gather your thoughts, unite your strengths, and come solve our enigmas! Sharpen your insight, senses of observation and communication! They will be your best allies to escape the wilderness of the jungle, unravel mayan curses, defeat an evil wizard or trace the way to Captain Jack’s treasure! Don’t forget: united we stand, divided we fall!

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aventurier entrepri


Strengthen your teamwork in the field! You want to get out of the room in time? There’s only one way to do it: cooperation! Communication, teamwork and sharp observational skills will be your main weapons of choice to come out victorious of these rooms! Help yourself with ideas and observations from your teammates so you can push further and move onto the next enigma. You must hurry! Time is of the essence!

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aventurier evenement anniversaire EVJF EVG


Come blow your birthday candles or celebrate your stag party through an original adventure and a personalised experience! Entrust us you vacation pictures, lucky key-chains, childhood teddy bear… they’ll find a way to blend into their surroundings and possibly help you find your way out of the room. Funny stories, emotional moments, intriguing anecdotes? Share them with us and we just might find a way to include them in our starting speeches, for a very personalised experience!

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aventurier gamers


Passionné d’Escape Game et joueur averti ? Spécialiste de la déduction, aucune énigme ne vous échappe ? Venez relever le défi Enigm’art et vous confronter à nos univers ! Vous serez plongé dans des décors hyper réalistes, remplis d’énigmes sophistiquées, de jeux musicaux, de puzzles en 3D… Pour arriver à sortir à temps, votre seul esprit de déduction ne vous suffira pas. Il faudra faire preuve de ruse, d’ingéniosité, de talent… Repoussez vos limites !

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Enigme escape game enigmart

Prices include:

  • A game room is 100% privatized for your team
  • 15 minute briefing, then up to 60 minutes of gameplay, and 15 minutes of debriefing
  • A dedicated game-master
  • A fair dose of stress

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Enigme escape game enigmart

Enigm’art’s team welcomes you:

from Monday to Sunday, 10 o’clock to 23:30.
561 route de la Roquette Zone de loisirs actipark à 06250 Mougins.


Enigme escape game enigmart

Fin décembre 2018 – Cela commence à prendre forme !

July 15th, 2019|

Préparation des murs et des sols, mise en place du réseau électrique et des normes de sécurité… Nos maîtres du bâtiment terminent le gros œuvre avant que Jack le Borgne ou le Sorcier Noir envahissent nos univers…

  • Je vois un grand hall d'entrée. Un petit lapin blanc est caché dans le fond, sous une table basse.

Avril 2019 – Le lapin de Pâques débarque chez Enigm’art !

July 15th, 2019|

Un vent de folie s’est mis à souffler chez Enigm’art ! Une mystérieuse créature blanche et à la queue touffue a été aperçue rôdant dans nos salles. Ce sympathique visiteur aurait laissé quelques souvenirs derrière lui. Un œuf derrière le trône du directeur de l’école des sorciers, quelques pièces en chocolat [...]

C’est quoi un escape game ?

July 15th, 2019|

Les escape games ont le vent en poupe en ce moment, et vos amis n’ont que ce mot à la bouche. Mais qu’est-ce que c’est exactement qu’un escape game ? Derrière ce terme un peu barbare se cache une activité ludique et excitante, à vivre en famille, entre amis ou entre [...]


Enigme escape game enigmart
What’s an Escape Game ?2019-07-15T11:56:43+02:00

An escape game is a life size evasion game, in a team, in which your observation and deduction skills will be put to the test. Locked away with your friends in a room with immersive décor, you only have an hour to solve enigmas and puzzles along your way, fulfil your mission, and more importantly, find a way to escape!

How long does an Escape Game last?2019-07-15T11:54:32+02:00

Once in the room, the door closed behind you, you will have 60 minutes to get out. You also have to take into account 10-15 minutes of briefing before and after the game session for the game master to explain what is going to happen, or what has already happened, in case you missed anything.
In total you will have to count about 90 minutes per game, maximum.

Do we have to do a reservation?2019-07-15T11:54:32+02:00

An escape game session demands a certain organization and specific preparations from the game master, in order to ensure you have the best experience possible. Thus, it is essential that you reserve your chosen room and time slot on our website in advance. Any reservation from the same day can only be done by phone, as we can then see whether we can find you a time slot or not.

Is it possible to modify or cancel a reservation?2019-07-15T11:54:49+02:00

Any reservation, payed and validated cannot be pushed back, cancelled or reimbursed.
The setup and the preparation of the rooms demands the right coordination of the game masters’ shifts.

What happens if we can’t get out?2019-08-17T14:49:41+02:00

There’s a little flap at the bottom of the entrance door where we can slide pizzas and other dishes (prices dependent), should you fail to find your way out…
Just kidding!
Our game masters follow your progression on their screens, and through microphones to eventually re-orientate you on the right path, should you get lost. It is important to us that you finish the game and have a good time, even if you go 5 (or 10) minutes over the 60-minute timer.
Once the game is over, the doors will automatically open, and the game master will come to explain enigmas you might’ve missed, or not understood.
In any case, you’re not truly locked up. Should you start having a panic attack or generally feeling unwell, it is always possible for you to exit the room at any given moment.

Do you record us?2019-07-15T11:55:11+02:00

The cameras hidden in the rooms are used to follow your progression and eventually help you along should you get stuck. We would not record without your consent.
Should you wish to keep a souvenir of your game, you can however ask for it before your game session.

How many players can participate?2019-07-15T11:57:53+02:00

All our rooms were created to welcome 2 to 6 players, extending to 8 for the Laws of the Jungle. For groups with many people, The jungle rooms can be done in a competition mode, and have two teams of 8 players (so 16 in total). In this case, you would simply have to reserve both rooms (night and day) for the same time slot.

What if we’re more than 16?2019-08-17T14:50:42+02:00

It won’t be possible for all of you to be in the same universe, but you can try different rooms at the same time. We can welcome up to 34 players simultaneously, split up between the five rooms. You would have to find an available time slot to book all our rooms.

What if I’m alone?2019-07-15T11:56:10+02:00

Don’t fret! For the motivated players, Enigm’art will organize sessions reserved for those who come alone. It’ll be the perfect opportunity to meet new people, and who knows, perhaps create the perfect team?

Is there an advised age?2019-07-15T11:56:21+02:00

We accept children from 13 onwards without a supervising adult. From 9 years old, they would need to be accompanied by an adult. Other than that, escapes don’t have much of an age limit, they’re open to all generations!

Do we have to be sportive?2019-07-15T11:57:46+02:00

Not at all! This is no test of your physical capabilities, but of your brain matter, and how well you can think outside the box! So you can very well join, even if you’re distinctly allergic to push-ups.

Can we do rooms more than once?2019-07-15T11:56:25+02:00

I mean… Nothing is stopping you. You’ll simply know the answers to all the puzzles and enigmas. However, do keep in mind that we will attempt to change our rooms regularly (time spans will vary).

Can we organize events (team building, birthdays, special evening) in our building?2019-08-17T14:51:33+02:00

Enigm’art would be delighted to welcome you for your special events, birthdays, stag or bachelorette parties, marriage proposals, and other such events. Along with access to our rooms we can suggest specific animations for each. For the birthday of younger kids, our game masters are available to accompany them in the rooms and ensure the good proceedings of the game. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with the form for more details, or to ask for small adaptations you would like to bring to the room.