The adventure

It took you a fair while to reach this point in the middle of the Mexican jungle where your tour guide awaits.

The brochure guarantees the exploration of a brand-new pyramid, that has just recently been uncovered to the light of day! How exciting! How new! How… dangerous…

Your tour guide is assured to know everything there is about the new discovery and is ready to unveil all its secrets to you.

Such an exquisite offer and tempting opportunity! How could you pass on something like this?

Now here we are, on the verge of entering this mythical and sacred place! Can you feel the excitement creeping up and down your spine? Or is that the cold from the temple….? Anyhoo! Be careful not to lose your guide! The ways in there are treacherous, and many a trap might still be live! Your guide knows the way and will surely know how to find the way out as well.

Hold that thought…. Was that the sound of the temple doors closing?

Oh dear…


Your mission

Ready to outdo the mayan curse and escape the pyramid? You’ll need all your wits about you to escape this place alive!

60 minutes is all you have before the air runs out, or the curse gets the better of you!
Stay sharp! These enigmas will solicitate your observational and deduction skills through many a test! Keep a wary mind to what your companions find and notice, you never know if it’ll help at some point (or not).

Communication will be the key to your success! Share your findings and your ideas, someone might bounce off them! Remember, you’re in this together, and only together will you be able to find your way out!


Additional information

This particular room functions mostly with your observational, and deduction skills. It possesses no locks, coded or otherwise. So sharpen your eyes and clean up those glasses, the old murals might play tricks on you!


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You can contact our Game Masters through email, or this phone number: 04 92 28 07 68.