The adventure

Ready to take your first steps in our magic school? Put on your robes, and pick up your faithful wand, you’ll be needing them where you’re going!

The first year prefect will pick you up and explain the rules before you start anything.

You might hear some odd rumours about a dark wizard having returned. What’s worst, they say he’s haunting the castle with broken pieces of his soul. But that’s all just to scare the first years. Our dearest principal took care of him last year in an epic duel. So no need to worry. Really, you can trust us on this.


Your mission

Arm yourselves with your best spells, sharp wits, and bravery! You’ll be needing them to undo these evil traces the dark wizard left behind him. Or perhaps it is him… Either way, you’ll have an hour to clear the place before the dark magic becomes too strong, or the principal finds out what you’re up to! Tread carefully, he’s vicious, even in his weakened state!


Additional information

This is our most accessible room. We recommend this one for younger players, or to people who have never done an escape room before. It allows players to understand how the game works, what kind of mechanics to expect, and the general functioning of the concept.


You wish to play the Magic School today? All reservation on the same day as your game can only be done by phone. Reservations for a later date can be done through our website.
You can contact our Game Masters through email, or this phone number: 04 92 28 07 68.