The adventure

As Pirates of the high seas, you’re after the infamous Captain One-Eyed Jack. This dangerous individual is known for having accumulated heaps of treasure from his many adventures throughout his whole life.

There’s a rumour running the taverns and the quirky ports saying he finally hid his great treasure on an island, but no one knows where.

During your adventures, you hear that One-Eyed Jack is making a stop at the very port you happen to be! Lady luck seems to be taking a shine to you! Now’s the time to sneak aboard his ship and find the location of his treasure!

However, beware, Jack doesn’t like staying aground for too long! Should he find you mid search, who knows what will happen to you and your team? He’s well known for his treasure…. But also his particular sense of…. hospitality.


Your mission

Without being caught by the coast guards, you’ll have to infiltrate One-Eyed Jack’s ship to find the coordinates or some sort of indications that will lead you to his treasure. That same ship won’t be giving you an easy time. It’s captain will have taken the necessary precautions to ensure his treasure won’t fall into hands that aren’t his own.

A precious ally will try to win you some time by keeping Jack busy in the tavern. Don’t count on him too much though… a few bottles of rum won’t stop Captain One-Eyed Jack from finding his ship in the port…


Additional information

A Pirate’s Soul is a room that isn’t recommended for children or first-time players, as it is at an intermediate level. The mechanisms demand a certain level of accuracy. Ye be warned.


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