Welcome to Enigm’Art Escape Game!

Are you ready to face the great mysteries of the jungle? To test your logic and wipe out vicious dark wizards? Think you can find your way around a pirate ship and discover the location of the great treasure hidden by One-Eyed Jack?

Come, rise to Enigm’art Escape Game’s challenge, and discover the biggest escape game on the Côte d’Azur ! Fearless players, come find us in our 500 m² building, at the heart of Mougin’s Actipark, and tease our riddles and puzzles.

Choose your game room

  • The Magic school: a mere wand might not be enough to outwit the wicked spells of the Dark wizard… Could you find the right spell?
  • The laws of the jungle: Can you hear these drums? It sounds like they’re coming from this old house. Would you dare to step inside and uncover its secrets, or will you be claimed by the jungle?
  • The Mayan curse: Ah! You’re here for the tour of the long-lost pyramid of Itxacan? Good good! This way! Cursed? Where on Earth did you hear such a thing?! We wouldn’t allow tourists in here if it were cursed… Oh my. Was that the door of the tomb that closed?
  • A pirate’s soul: Captain Jack OneEye hid his loot we know not where! There he is! Coming to land on the same port you happen to be on! If you’re careful enough, you just might be able to climb aboard his ship and search for the location of his treasure! Can you be nimble enough to bring your mission to fruition, or will the dreaded Captain catch you red handed?

French, English, Russian: our rooms are available in 3 languages.

You have 60 minutes! On your marks… get set… GO!!

Step into our four available worlds and let yourself be carried away by our stories as you make your way through them. However, be careful you don’t get too distracted, as Time is playing against you! You have been given just One hour to escape. Should you not lose your way, you just might succeed. Awaken your senses, search your environment, listen for clues, and be mindful of what you see. Anything could be a clue, though it could also be nothing at all (he he he). Unveil our puzzles, enigmas and riddles, twist your logic and warp your perspectives to get out in time!

You will not be alone on your journey. A precious ally will be following your steps and remain at the ready whenever you need help or an additional clue: The Game Master! At any moment they can whisper information that will lead you back on the right path and help you move along in your game. (These creatures will gladly offer help to any adventurer bold enough to confront our worlds, but beware how you treat them or their universes, else they give you false leads, or leave you to fend for yourselves…)

A place for snacks and drinks

Finding your way around obstacles can ask for a lot of energy, which is why Enigm’Art Escape Game welcome you to our snack and drinking area, before or after your game session! In this nicely decorated place, you can gather your strength, talk strategies around a plate to share, or simply have a nice time with friends and family playing board and card games. Be warned, any attempts to bring the Game Masters over to tease tips and clues out of them (except maybe with the best cookies, coffees or teas) will be fruitless against their iron will (no use looking at their profiles either, we specifically trained them to be resistant to their “weaknesses”) 😉

Personally tailored events

Would you like to bring a personal touch to your escape game? You can do it at Enigm’Art! Whether it’s for a birthday, a bachelorette’s party, a marriage proposal, or any other event, we can adapt a room especially for it!

What’s this photo of your childhood friends doing on this frame? Wait, is that your lucky scarf? And that number on the clock… wouldn’t that be your date of birth? Our game masters will tailor the puzzles, surprise guests, and make sure you live a unique escape room experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your own personalised game!