Do you know all the escape games of the region? You know how to break codes and open locks in record time? You have a sharp sense of observation and can spot clues by first glance?

Try the Enigm’Art Escape Game’s experience and rise to the challenge of the biggest escape game of the Côte d’Azur France!

Forget the classic puzzles. No need to break open so many locks to move on in the game. Enigm’Art Escape Game speaks to well-thought players, to those in search of sensations, and who wish to push their own limits!

Push the door to our jungle universe and dive into precisely set scenery: endow your best adventurer’s hat, there’s no time to lose: You only have 60 minutes to resolve these original enigmas! But where to start? What do you have to look for? And what is this game hiding, it looks an awful lot like Jumanji…? Musical games, 3D puzzles… awaken your senses and your powers of deduction.

You like challenges and group competition? Our jungle universe is composed of 2 rooms: they’re the same enigmas, but in two different sceneries! Split yourselves up in 2 teams and compete for the first place! Time is not your only opponent now… Every door that can open, every step forward that you make might’ve already been done by your opponent. It’s up to you to pick up the speed and prevent them from gaining too much distance!

You just got out of the jungle and you’re already ready to start a new adventure? Come along in our other universes to defy the Mayan curse, the Pirate’s soul, or our School of Magic! Stay sharp: new rooms can arrive at any moment at Enigm’Art Escape Game….