Wondering what to do during the weekend with your kids? Or maybe an activity for your vacation?

Or maybe you would prefer an outing with friends, but wish to change from the traditional cinema and restaurant combo?

Whether you are with family or between friends, Enigm’art Escape Game’s rooms are open to all! From 8 years old accompanied by an adult, and all generations thereupon, our Game Masters will be there to welcome you and bring you to explore our universes and enticing scenarios.

Your kids are Harry Potter fans? Grab your magic wands, throw on your wizard robes and come find the right spell to resolve the puzzles of our escape game with your family!

Your significant other has a hidden passion for the pirate world? All aboard you scallywags! Off you go on the tracks of the infamous One-Eye Jack to find his legendary treasure! Sail the seven seas, but beware, the waters hide many a secret, and some might even try to lead you astray!

Have you ever wanted to explore an old Mayan temple? Well you’ve come to the right place! Our TempleTwists™ touring company will show you the other sides of Mayans like no other place can! Join our little troop and see the wonders of the past, yet to be fully understood by the most knowledgeable historians. Be careful not to lose the guide though… There’s no guarantee we can find you again… 

Feeling a need for green? Be careful what you wish for as you follow these drums into an old abandoned house. Bizarre lianas and plants line the walls and pour out of the windows. And what’s this board game doing here? Wait… was that a parakeet?!

In 60 minutes, dive at the heart of Enigm’Art Escape Game’s greatest adventures! Comme spend a warm friendly moment with your close ones, calling upon your irreplaceable logic and capabilities of deduction. To prolong the moment, come and use our restauration area to snack and drink, before and after your game!