Looking for an original activity for your brother’s birthday?

Your best friend is getting married, and you’re in charge of her bachelorette party?

Or maybe you want to surprise your close friends and family and announce a happy event?

Comme live Enigm’Art Escape Game’s adventure! So much more than a mere escape game, come and see the biggest escape room of the Côte D’Azur France for a unique and tailored experience!

Our game masters can personalise our rooms and adapt the introductory speech to the event. For a further personal touch, you can send us your photos, souvenirs, or certain anecdotes, and let the game masters introduce them to the game and slip them into the story. A unique session for a unique event!

60 minutes: the timer’s started, and the game begun! On the wall you can see pictures of your vacation. And behind you, wouldn’t that be your favourite pen? And what about this? Is that your scarf hooked on the door? And that voice…. Feminine and light… sounds strangely like your mothers…no?

Would you like to know more?

To create a personalised escape game, contact our team now! Our game masters are at the ready to surprise and delight your stay and tailor the rooms according to you.

It’s your souvenirs and objects that will allow you to personalise the rooms to your preferences. Together we can build a scenario that will merge with the scenery, and guaranty a full immersion, and feel like you’ve stepped out of time!