The adventure

You are invited to participate in a festive evening in a house you’ve only heard of. Strange stories surround that building. Odd tales of it’s previous owners disappearing suddenly and without a trace, yet here you are, walking up to it’s front door for a drink, and a supposed party. Another invitee is here to greet you and ushers you further into the strange building where drums seem to be resonating. I mean some parties are just odd…right?

Your makeshift guide seems to start spinning an odd tale about this place. Something about… a board game, played for too long, and some sort of contract… sacrifices in exchange for freedom?

But before you can extract any further information from the weird phenomenon, they disappear, closing the door behind them…
Well then, it’s up to you to escape the clutches of this game now, if you’re good enough to play to the end that is.


Your mission

To escape the prison of the game, you’ll have to play it to the end, until a winner arises. You’ll have an hour before the board game claims you for its own!

Be attentive, think outside the box, work together and remember to communicate!


Additional information

The Law of The Jungle is our most complex room (for the moment) and has the particularity to be doable with two different teams in competition. There is in fact a totem in common to the two rooms that is obtainable for the fastest team.

The two room aren’t identical per se. There is a “night” and a “day” décor available to choose from. The enigmas in each of them are identical to the other. The only difference will be the ambiance of the rooms themselves. As their names indicate, “night” will be darker, with more sombre tones (not in total darkness, note. There is still light!), and “day” with lighter, brighter tones.


You wish to play The Law of the Jungle? All reservation on the same day as your game can only be done by phone. Reservations for a later date can be done through our website.
You can contact our Game Masters through email, or this phone number: 04 92 28 07 68.